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SgGeoFest 2021: GeoMarketplace Sessions

GeoMarketplace Sessions at SgGeofest.png
Geospatial companies from around the world shared their innovations and solutions during three GeoMarketplace sessions at the Singapore Geospatial Festival 2021 #SgGeoFest on the 7th and 14th September. 

At GeoMarketplace I on 7th September, GeoWorks’ GeoTechsENT-Vision (Esther Low), Lineable (Tyler Moon), UNL:// (Pascal Verloop) and Urbanetic (Saibal D Chowdhury) – talked about solutions for the supply chain and maritime ship supplies industry, geolocation infrastructures, Internet of Places and city data as a service. 

On 14th September at GeoMarketplace II, GeoWorks’ GeoTechs [ GeoSpock (John Yam), Kumi Analytics (Clinton Libbey) and Synspective (Shoji Koike) ], Bifrost (Charles Wong) and Spire Global (Owen Cha) discussed big data, solutions for green finance initiatives, land displacement monitoring, satellite imagery and space services.

The final session, GeoMarketplace III, also on 14th September, featured startups from the Open Geospatial Consortium that are disrupting, growing and evolving location. These were AIDASH (Rahul Saxena), SimBlocks.io (Jordan Dauble), Latitudo40 (Gaetano Volpe), Blackshark (Marco Tillmann), SENSORUP (Steve Liang), Xtract.ai (Justin Granek), Ribose (Ron Tse) and Mist.eo (Chacko Jacob).