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Meet a GeoTech: EOfactory.ai

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In this “Meet a GeoWorks’ GeoTech” series, we spoke to EOfactory’s Founder and CEO, Abhay Swarup Mittal about his company, solutions and challenges faced. 

1. Tell us about your company and its solutions
EOfactory.ai is a world-leading Earth Observation and Analytics company. From imagery to insights, we provide the whole spectrum of services and solutions to help you leverage on location intelligence. By gaining data from relevant sources, you can obtain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. 

EOfactory has built its expert solutions in GeoAI (Geo-Artificial Intelligence) focus with insights from geospatial, remote sensing and location-based intelligence applications and platforms for government and industry.

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Abhay Swarup Mittal
Headquartered in Singapore, we partner with technology partners and a multitude of regional partners to provide value-added services to a wide range of markets that include Infrastructure, Forestry, Agriculture, Banking and Insurance, Water resources, Environment, Healthcare, FMCG, Telecom, Smart city and many more. 

EOfactory aims to tackle some of the most pressing issues like sustainable growth, disaster resiliency, natural resources management, food-water-energy nexus and others. With easy to use annotation tools, tap into your creativity to derive groundbreaking and trustworthy insights. Communicate and collaborate with leading experts across the globe, using our community sharing platform. Help understand our earth better. Help to change and improve the world.

We believe that it is our responsibility to bring in the latest technology framework, repackaged in a way that is accessible for everyone to use.

Here are some of the solutions we provide:

2. What is something about your company that the general public might not know about?
Great question! I would have to say that it would revolve around the origin of EOfactory, going back to the days when I tried to use a desktop-based GIS and image processing software then put them all together on a dashboard.

The challenge was to find the right icons to click in an ocean of menus and options to select, without having the option to display such results on an optimised dashboard. Another challenge was the expensive cost of acquiring such software.

We launched EOfactory as a unique virtual Earth Observation “factory” on the Cloud that is accessible to every single geo-professional.

We built a time-series management framework with an integrated open data cube storage. Time-series analytics, combined with Machine Learning capabilities, allows us to support multiple workflows in sectors such as, but not limited to, agriculture, forestry, telecommunications and defense.

From data acquisition to building insights dashboards, we have come a long way since our beginnings.

3. What are some challenges you have faced in your work?
The challenges faced in our work was to find the balance of right technology framework and the implementation of geospatial workflows to derive insights accurately much faster and easier which is scalable. How do we make the Geospatial technology relevant and accessible to everyone. Automation, Accessibility and Scalability were three key factors for our consideration while building the platform.

4. How has your experience with GeoWorks been?
We have been closely associated with the GeoWorks’ team for receiving the updates from industry. They have played a key role to bring technology people together. This is a great initiative to leverage the platform for connecting many startups to existing technology providers in this industry.

5. How does geospatial technology helped you in your work?
Geospatial analytics is the key to understanding some of the world’s most critical issues, including climate change, sustainability and food security.

As a geospatial intelligence company, EOfactory aims to empower its users with scientific analysis of our observable Earth. Our customisable SaaS platform makes it possible for geospatial leaders to constantly create new action-plans for sustainability.

6. Are there any challenges that come with working with geospatial technology?
The biggest challenge right now would be the lack of awareness, training and the sky-rocket prices of current products. Not knowing the substantial applications makes it even harder for people to use the technology.

At EOfactory, we have a vision of making our tools accessible for the next generation of geospatial leaders, so that we minimise the barrier between dreams and action.

7. In your opinion, what skills are needed to work in the geospatial industry?
The basic answer would be problem-solving skills, strong IT skills, project management and so forth. However, I believe that being able to think outside the box can put you one step ahead of gathering proper and accurate insights needed.

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Always think about how to solve a problem or fill a gap within the industry. Don’t get discouraged by the big players. If you’ve got an idea, work your way up to find the solution. Best of luck.