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OneMap3D on Tech Talk for CNA938


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CNA938 carried a live radio interview by Daniel Martin on Tech Talk with SLA SDD/GSST Lewis Wu on OneMap3D Beta that was launched for trial by developers. SDD/GSST shared that OneMap3D was a digital innovation that augmented the current 2D map to provide an immersive and realistic experience. It could be used for accurate wayfinding, viewing of real estate properties, transport planning and even tourism. Building information models were increasingly being converted to city models and to bring about innovations to benefit the public. This was a growing trend with the convergence of industry standards and the orientation towards common standards with the sharing of open data for co-development. The potential users would be the public at large, to make use of 3D models for visualisation and demonstration. The industry collaborations included the use of 3D city models for AED deployment by drones and the integration of 3D models to visualise new buildings and provide a realistic view of the property, direction of the sun and surroundings.

The process of developing a 3D map included data capture from the plane for aerial photography and LiDAR and street-level data capture. The data was then processed and enhanced with design cartography to optimise the aesthetics of the 3D maps. Technical specialists would then synthesise the data into a realistic city model for desktop viewing. SDD/GSST shared that OneMap3D was in the Beta stage and the team hoped to work with industry players and co-developers to further improve the features and performance of the product. “We would also like to see users and businesses coming together to build on infrastructure to provide a multitude of services and applications to benefit the society at large,” added SDD/GSST.

Watch the video interview here