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UNL bridges gaps for under-addressed locations

June 26, 2020

Mapping-technology startup UNL has created a smart platform for navigation and location-based services that can give anyone and anywhere a unique, universal address.

The platform is identified as an infrastructural technology that can divide parts of the world into a 3D grid of ‘micro-cells’. To every ‘cell’, UNL then assigns a unique universal location ID, which Georgieva describes as similar to domain names. From there, users and businesses can claim and customise locations, give a custom name, attach and manage metadata, optimise first- and last-mile navigation.

Currently, they are working on their delivery platform which includes features such as last-mile optimisation and customisation, smart route planning and fleet management, indoor navigation, and access management.

Apart from this, UNL also made the Human Care app, designated to curb the spread of the coronavirus through location and data. Georgieva said that it is a “tech4good” solution under the Human Unlimited Foundation and is powered by UNL and Netherlands-based mapping solutions provider HERE Technologies.

UNL secured $2.78m (US$2m) in a seed funding last March, led by Singapore-based deeptech VC fund elev8.vc. It was also participated by HERE Technologies, SGInnovate, US-based SOSV, Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX) and Venturerock. The funds will be for developing the Internet of Places core infrastructure.