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CityScape Exhibition

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Learn about the Singapore Land Authority’s geospatial efforts and innovations at the CityScape exhibition. The exhibition, which is being held at the URA Centre, features SLA's focus on all things geospatial, with several exhibits to promote an awareness of geospatial adoption and use cases to the public. Through interactive displays and exhibits, visitors will learn about geospatial technology, Singapore's Geospatial Master Plan, and how geospatial data has helped improve the lives of Singaporeans. 

The CityScape exhibition features SLA's efforts to promote geospatial information – data that is used daily to move around, book a taxi or car ride, or find nearby places. By including the element of "where", geospatial information provides insights for enhanced communication and greater convenience. 

The exhibit also highlights SLA's OneMap, a map app that has been serving the public as the national map of Singapore, as well as OneMap3D, which allows users to navigate the city in a 3D environment and view properties in a first-person view. 

The exhibit also explores the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan. Led by SLA, in partnership with GovTech, the Singapore Geospatial Master Plan aims to achieve a Thriving GeoIndustry, a Nation of GeoEmpowered People, and a GeoSmart Government. It features examples of how geospatial information and technology have been utilised by the Government. These include SLA's own OneMap, URA's Trees.sg, and SpaceOut.gov.sg.
Exhibition Details: 
Singapore City Gallery 
45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre
Singapore 069118
Opening Hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Mon – Sat)
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Admission is free 

For details on the exhibit and on COVID-19 safety measures for visitors: