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10 am to 11 am     Mapbox: Building world class navigation products for APAC
The speakers will introduce Mapbox APAC, the latest in the Mapbox Navigation Products and how these products are improved.

Mapbox Logo.png
Ben Truscello - edited.png
Ben Truscello 

Garrett Miller - edited.png
Garrett Miller 
GM Navigation
mapbox - lucas speaker.pngLukas Martinelli 
Director Of Engineering
Data Services
11 am to 12 pm    The Advance of Digitisation in the Built Environment

Partner co-located track
Digitisation is sweeping the world of construction, washing over previously analogue approaches to the delivery of the built environment. This presentation will explore the key technological advancements enabling this transformation, and point towards a new future that benefits not only the industry, but the world.

Kyle Bernhardt - edited.pngKyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy

12 pm to 1 pm    Lunch break
1 pm to 2 pm

Partner co-located track
1 pm to 3 pm: ESRI Singapore GeoInnovation Forum
The Esri Singapore GeoInnovation Forum aims to showcase how geospatial technology and innovation is helping organisations and communities become more resilient in the face of climate change. The two-hour virtual session will feature inspiring thought leaders and the opportunity to join the community in driving conversations around sustainability.

1:00 pm: Welcome address
Leslie Wong, Managing Director, Esri South Asia


Leslie Wong.png
1:05 pm: Keynote presentation and Q&A
Abhishek Tandon, Deputy Director, Geospatial Development and IT, National Parks Board, Singapore

NParks Logo copy.jpg
Abhishek Tandon.png
1:25 pm: Keynote presentation and Q&A
Ricky Tse and Karl Li, Urban Renewal Authority, Hong Kong

1.45 pm: Keynote presentation
Josh Murphy, Senior Geospatial Analyst and Coastal Resilience Specialist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office, USA
Josh Murphy.png
2.05 pm: Emerging trends in geospatial technology
Sharon Gin, Senior Lead Geospatial Consultant, Esri Singapore
Esri Logo - colour copy.png

Sharon Gin.png
2.30 pm: Closing remarks
Chris Wang, Country Sales Manager, Esri Singapore
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2 pm to 3 pm    Panel: How geospatial technologies can go beyond smart city mapping and urban mobility

The speakers will discuss the commercialisation of new emerging technologies to provide richer geospatial data for city mapping, land optimisation, autonomous driving and fleet management.

Goh Seok Mei.png
Goh Seok Mei
Executive Director
United Cities Singapore
John Lee - Infracrowd Asia - Edited.png

John Lee
Managing Director
Infracrowd Asia
Eric Loh - Smart Cities Network - edited.png

Eric Loh
Vice President
G element / Exco,
Smart Cities Network
G Element logo.png
Jeremy Ang Sistema edited.png

Jeremy Ang
Investment Principal (APAC)
Sistema Asia Capital
Chun Mun Hong - UCars edited.png

Chun Mun Hong

3 pm to 4 pm
Hexagon Logo_BW.png

Partner co-located track
3 pm to 4 pm: Unleashing the power of geospatial technologies for surveyors of the future
Discover how digital imagery and mass data acquisition are transforming the way you work today and in the future. With our positioning, measurement and reality capture technologies, learn how you can dramatically improve the way survey data is collected, processed, visualised and shared.

Daryl Lim Leica - edited.pngDaryl Lim 
Senior Sales Engineer 
Leica Geosystems Technologies Pte Ltd

Trimble .png

Partner co-located track
3 pm to 4 pm: Asset monitoring with Trimble geotechnical solutions
Projects that require frequent measurement to maintain high levels of safety, such as railroads, bridges and roads, are ideal for automated monitoring. An automated system measures points repeatedly, often many times each day to better understand its structural performance and to predict its durability and remaining lifetime. There are a significant number of factors that influence infrastructure life including loading, fatigue, corrosion and temperature cycling. We will take you through example of Road, Tunnel, Railway, DAM and Bridge monitoring solution and example.
Pasawat.pngPasawat Tipyotha (Tony)
Technical Sales Manager
Trimble Inc

4 pm to 5 pm    Hexagon's Safety, infrastructure and geospatial Asia Pacific conference

Hexagon Logo_BW.png

Partner co-located track
HxGN Connect: Reimagining collaboration to solve organisations' challenges
In today’s world of instantaneous connection with others from around the globe, it would be nearly impossible to shut yourself off from the outside world. While the ways and means of digital communication have grown exponentially, governments and their partners have been slow to catch up. In this session, we will show you how to reimagine collaboration for individual organisations, within cities and across regions by securely sharing the data you want others to see and actively collaborating with others as events unfold. 

Kevin Mason -- HxGN Connect.pngKevin Mason
Presales Architect
Hexagon, APAC

5 pm to 6 pm    Hexagon's Safety, infrastructure and geospatial Asia Pacific conference

Hexagon Logo_BW.png

Partner co-located track
M.App Enterprise in action
One of the biggest challenges we face in the era of big data is the data deluge coming from the multitude of data sources. Now we have multiple sensors, cameras, satellites, UAVs, phones, and more that generate data at much faster rate than ever. With massive amounts of location data being generated every minute, it can be hard to not only determine what is operationally relevant, but also access relevant data when it is produced for analysis and action.

In this session, we will show how Hexagon incorporates location intelligence into enterprise systems and workflows to create new insights and actionable information by combining various types of data — dynamic, static, 2D, 3D, IoT, sensors — all into one platform to visualise and analyse everything in unison.

Nimas Anggarini _ M App Enterprise .pngNimas Anggarini 
Presales Specialist 
Hexagon, APAC