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11 am to 12 pm    Hexagon's safety, infrastructure and geospatial Asia Pacific conference
Hexagon Logo_BW.png

Partner co-located track
Swimming in sensors, drowning in data: Connecting geospatial data to the world of defence operations
In an integrated operating environment, intelligence data comes from a multitude of sources. Due to the volume, variety and velocity of data creation in operational environments, defence organizations are flooded with big data. It has become nearly impossible for operators to quickly consume the latest available data and extract valuable insights, and this reality makes informed decision-making and real-time situational awareness hard to achieve in mission-critical operations.

In this session, we will discuss how Hexagon technologies bridge the gap between geospatial data and operations, allowing separate groups to work seamlessly together with the most up-to-date data to ensure mission success.

Wim Symens.png Wim Symens
Sales Director
Hexagon, APAC

Tack Ching Chan.png Tack Ching Chan
Presales Specialist
Hexagon, APAC

12 pm to 1 pm    Hexagon's safety, infrastructure and geospatial Asia Pacific conference
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Partner co-located track
How asset management, BIM and digital twins can benefit the rail industry
Asset management is crucial for a huge number of business processes within rail operations. Building information modelling data is key to new investments in infrastructure, and digital twins are perfect for breaking down data silos and generating new insights. To streamline rail processes and improve operations, it is critical for all of these technologies to work together.

In this session, our experts will provide insights into these concepts and processes, starting with sensor data acquisition and ending with leading-edge visualisation.

Dr Uwe Jasnoch.png Dr Uwe Jasnoch
Global Vice President, 
Business Development
Director, Presales
Hexagon, APAC 

1 pm to 2pm    Lunch break
2 pm to 3 pm    Hexagon's safety, infrastructure and geospatial Asia Pacific conference
Hexagon Logo_BW.png

Partner co-located track 
Being more agile and resilient through unprecedented change in public safety
Now more than ever, public safety agencies need to be prepared and vigilant about the future. They need to be equipped with tools and innovations to tackle whatever challenges they face. And that means improving public safety services in the face of unprecedented change, providing seamless, 24/7 access to whatever data is needed or ensuring reliable connections throughout entire ecosystems.

Join this session to learn how the Hexagon OnCall portfolio helps public safety agencies of all sizes be more agile and resilient through modernised capabilities spanning call-taking and dispatch, records, analytics, major event management, and mobility.

Kevin Mason -- HxGN Connect copy.pngKevin Mason
Presales Architect of
Public Safety
Hexagon, APAC

3 pm to 4 pm    Trimble AR - SiteVision

Trimble .png

Partner co-located track
How AR technology play a role in Geospatial world today. Imagine if you could see things that are hidden or that don’t actually exist yet. With the Trimble® SiteVision™ outdoor augmented reality system you can. SiteVision brings geospatial data to life so you can easily visualise, explore and understand complex information with unrivalled accuracy, right from your mobile device.

Take a walk through your job site and visualise:
  • Conceptual designs, from buildings to roads, as they might appear in real life
  • What lies beneath the ground or resides inside walls, such as water pipes and electrical cabling

Jonathan Davis.pngJonathan Davis 
Business Development
 Trimble Inc

4 pm to 5 pm    Virtual twin potential to plan and execute cities sustainability agenda
Dassault Systemes Logo.png

Partner co-located track
To cope with climate change, cities have to transform even faster than before through projects and new policies. Virtual Twin helps stakeholders coordinate and better orchestrate their projects to achieve sustainability goals.

We will navigate through cities examples to fathom the power of a platform embedding geospatial information and co creation process:
  • Transportation: define and implement soft and greener mobility services
  • Housing : support a data driven decision making for an energy efficient future
  • Environmental: Participate into city resilience planning with flooding risk

Julie.pngJulie Gaubin 
Construction, Cities & Territories Industry Business Consultant Expert

Fabrice.pngFabrice Servant 
Construction, Cities & Territories Industry Business Consultant Expert