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10 am to 11 am        Mapping the world with AR

Augmented reality helps us see and experience the world in new ways. As we map out the world to create a computing layer over the physical world, we enable AR experiences across a range of industries from gaming and entertainment to urban design and disaster response. This webinar explores the potential that AR unlocks for location-based consumer apps, map platforms, and geospatial services.
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Janine Yoong 
Head of Location AR Partnerships
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11 am to 12 pm    Reimagining the Future of Geospatial Innovation with High-Performance Computing


Partner co-located track
The growing centrality of geospatial technology and mapping allow researchers and developers to make sense of our world to find solutions that address our most urgent concerns. However, as data exponentially increases, geospatial analyses become computationally heavier. This results in unnecessary delays in outcomes due to insights taking longer to reach.

Leveraging on HPC can help geospatial developers gain insights quicker and allow innovators to find critical solutions faster and more efficiently.

Join us in this webinar to find out how HPC has been applied in successful use cases, and how you can leverage HPC to accelerate your geospatial innovation journey.

1 pm to 2 pm    Lunch break
2 pm to 3 pm    
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2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Indoor mapping
OGC has Standardised indoor mapping through the IndoorGML Standard and Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) Community Standard. In addition, new work on Points of Interest, GeoPose, Routing, and 3D visualisation all are increasingly concerned with indoor use cases. The Indoor Mapping session is an open event aimed to provide attendees an understanding of the state-of-the-art in indoor mapping and navigation and to identify emerging requirements that should be addressed in research and standardisation.

OGC Facilitator
  • Scott Simmons, Chief Standards Officer, OGC

  • Scott Simmons, Chief Standards Officer, OGC
  • Dean Hintz, Senior Analyst, Safe Software
  • Chulmin Jun, Professor, University of Seoul
  • Josh Lieberman, Director Innovation, OGC
  • Francesco Potorti, Senior Researcher, ISTI-CNR
  • Wenxiu Gao, Professor-Researcher, Shenzhen University
  • Kimon Onuma, President, ONUMA, Inc.
  • Ki-Joune Li, Professor, Pusan National University
  • Yuval Kossovsky, Apple
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2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Health Domain Working Group
Join one of the many Domain Working Groups as they innovate OGC Standards, creating solutions to critical issues across the world. The OGC Health DWG enables OGC to identify and work with a representative group of market participants in the identification and prioritisation of use cases, business and technical requirements that will provide the most significant value, or mitigate the most significant risks in this arena.

OGC Facilitator
  • Joshua Lieberman, Director Innovation, OGC

  • Joshua Lieberman, Director Innovation, OGC
  • Andreas Mathias, Founder, Secure Dimensions
  • Jean Felipe Teotonio, CPHQ, HSR.health
  • Yogita Shukla, Founder, Wo-Men Geospatial Center
  • Bora Ju, Land and Geospatial Analyst, Urban Disaster Risk Management Resilience and Land Global Practice, The World Bank
  • Ajay K Gupta, CEO, HSR.health
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2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Citizen Science Domain Working Group
Join one of the many Domain Working Groups as they innovate OGC Standards, creating solutions to critical issues across the world. The OGC Citizen Science DWG is motivated to support citizen science, scientific research conducted in whole or in part by amateur scientists, by providing a forum for increasing understanding and demonstration of the benefits brought by the use of open standards and best practices.

Citizen Science data is filling some gaps when conventional data cannot. To make citizen Science data FAIR and compatible with official sources the same standards should be applied. But Citizen Science data has its own requirements such as recognizing individual contributions, ensuring personal data privacy, and maintaining data quality. In this session we will present some Citizen Science projects adopting OGC standards, will present how Sensor Things API can be extended in the h2020 Cos4Cloud project to include this type of data requirements and will demonstrate some practical implementations of it.

OGC Facilitator
  • Marie-Françoise Voidrot, Director Innovation, OGC

  • Joan Maso, Researcher, CREAF
  • Hong Phuc Dang, Founder, FOSSASIA
  • Praveen Jayadevan, Researcher, Bird Count India
  • Peter Brenton, Researcher, Atlas of Living Australia
  • Norbert Schmidt, Owner, DDQ B.V.
  • Joep van der Heiden, Owner, DDQ B.V.
  • Andreas Matheus, Managing Director, Secure Dimensions
OGC logo.png

2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Marine Special Session
The OGC Marine Domain Working group, in partnership with international stakeholders, has organized a special session with a focus on Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure, current practices  on better connecting to terrestrial and marine  data sources and collaborative initiatives by  international partners,  such as the IHO and the UN-GGIM Marine working group. Attendees to this session will learn about current and forward looking innovation and standards related to improving interoperability under the F.A.I.R principles.

OGC Facilitators
  • Trevor Taylor, Senior Director, Member Success, and Development, OGC
  • Rollin Phillips, Project Manager, Innovation Program, OGC

  • Trevor Taylor, Senior Director, Member Success, and Development, OGC
  • James Carey, Head of Content, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
  • Jens Peter Hartmann, Chief Consultant, International Hydrographic Organization
  • Dr Parry Oei Soe Ling, Adviser (Hydrography), Hydrographic Division, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
  • Pearlyn Pang, Manager, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)
  • Nic Donnelly, Geodetic Surveyor, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)
  • Gerald Wong, Data Strategy and Governance Lead, United Kingdom Hydrographic Office

Geospatial Youth Forum.png
11 am to 12 pm

Regional Geospatial Youth Forum: GeoInspire I
Immerse into the career journey of young geospatial professionals from various backgrounds & hear their personal experiences in applying geospatial to real world challenges.

Prof Perrine edited.png
Asst Prof Perrine Hamel
Assistant Professor
Asian School of the Environment
Nanyang Technological University

NTU logo.png
Jinal Grab .png
Jinal Foflia
Lead Program Manager, Geo

Grab logo.png
Kristine - edited.png

Kristine Juvel Zayco
Senior Sales Engineer
Leica Geosystems Pte. Ltd

hexagon logo.png
SongYu - URA cropped.png

Wang Songyu
Executive Data Scientist
Design and Planning Lab
Urban Redevelopment Authority

URA logo.png
Jamie Simpson - edited.png
Jamie Simpson
Pursuing Doctor of Philosophy (Science)
University of Sydney

UniSydney bw logo.png
12 pm to 1 pm

Regional Geospatial Youth Forum: GeoInspire II
ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2021 winners' presentation
Watch the winning teams from the ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2021 share their experiences participating at the challenge. The ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2021: Geospatial Youth Edition (AGC 21) brought youth in the ASEAN region together to use geospatial technology and information to support nations in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals. Targeted at students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in the ASEAN region, the challenge aimed to: 
            • Cultivate good relationships and collaborations among the youth in ASEAN
            • Elevate geospatial competencies and facilitate knowledge sharing
            • Raise interest in the geospatial field
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Winning Teams
Distinction Award
MapBeks Team.jpg
Team: MapBeks from UP Diliman and Polytechnic University of the Philippines - San Juan (Philippines)
Project: MapBeks’ HIV and Support Facilities Mapping project aims to augment the country’s HIV and AIDS programme by creating an up-to-date, validated map consolidating all government and private facilities that offer HIV services.

Excellence Awards
SusCo Tech from SUTD 
GEO-AID from University of the Philippines Los Baños

SYT2 from

Team Susco.png Team GEO Aid.jpg
Team SYT2.jpg

SusCo Tech’s solution tackles the challenges of harnessing renewable energy in different communities, defined by geographical zones.

Project GEO-AID is a Geospatial Database Crowdfunding Application Development that aims to address SDG 1 (end poverty in all its forms everywhere) with an interactive map system. 

This project aims to empower wheelchair users to live independently and confidently and is aligned with SDG11 to foster the integration of an inclusive society within cities and communities.

2 pm to 3 pm

Regional Geospatial Youth Forum: GeoEducation I
Interact with academics to learn about geospatial education in ASEAN institutions, career opportunities and how the fourth industrial revolution has transformed geospatial.

Josef New Photo_cropped.png
Josef Tan
Lead Specialist
Geography, Curriculum Planning and Development Division
Ministry of Education

MOE logo.png
Prof Chalermchon - edited.png

Professor Chalermchon Satirapod
Professor & Head
Department of Survey

Faculty of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University

Chula Engineering logo.png
Wang Yi Chen.png

Dr Wang Yi-Chen
Associate Professor
National University of Singapore

NUS logo.png
Suelynn - edited.png

Suelynn Choy
Professor of Geospatial Science and Satellite Navigation
Director, RMIT Satellite Positioning for Atmosphere, Climate and Environment (SPACE) Research Centre
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University
RMIT logo.png

Saibal D. Chowdhury
CEO and Co-Founder

Urbanetic logo.png
3 pm to 4 pm
Regional Geospatial Youth Forum: GeoEducation II
Geospatial data analysis using open source tools
The use of QGIS, Python and R for geoanalytics.

LI HengShan.png
Li Hengshan
Technical Manager
Singapore Land Authority

sla logo.jpg
Lee Kim Haw edited.png
Lee Kim Haw
Technical Manager
Singapore Land Authority

sla logo.jpg
Dr Kam.png
Dr Kam Tin Seong
Associate Professor of Information Systems (Practice)
School of Computing and Information Systems 
Singapore Management University

smu logo.jpg
4 pm to 5 pm
Regional Geospatial Youth Forum: GeoInnovation
How innovative geospatial solutions are used by tech start-ups and government agencies to tackle different types of challenges today

Garuda speaker.png
Jiin Joo Ong
Chief Technology Officer and co-founder 
Garuda Robotics

Garuda robotics logo.png
Bell - edited.png
Bell Beh 
Co Founder & CEO 
Buzz ARVR Pte. Ltd. 
("Buzz AR")

Buzz AR image.png
Yohnny Lim edited.png
Lim Yohnny 
Landmark Integrated Pte Ltd

Landmark Integrated -- logo.PNG
Abhijit Sarkar.png
Abhijit Sarkar
Manager, Geospatial Development / IT (Corporate Services)
National Parks Board

NParks Logo copy.jpg
Abdullah Maruf
Platform Development Manager
Synspective Inc.