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* Please note that all times are in GMT +8
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11 am to 12 pm    OneMap3D Launch

OneMap3D aims to transform how businesses and citizens use maps, providing an immersive experience. This presentation will showcase updates on the 3D drone planner and 3D property query features as well as what OM3D is capable of. Find out more about OM3D and hear how developers create map-based applications and services using OM3D.

OneMap3D is a dynamic 3D visualisation platform developed in-house by SLA. OM3D Beta launched at the Singapore Geospatial Week 2020, it transitions the existing OneMap (2D) to a 3D city map with enhanced co-creation of innovative solutions using 3D geospatial data. For example, businesses and property agents can use OneMap3D for a better representation of properties, with window-views and shadow casting. Citizens can also use OneMap3D to orient themselves with landmarks to scale, and navigate through walkways and void deck spaces.

     OneMap3Dlogo copy.png

              • Opening Speech: Mr Colin Low, Chief Executive, Singapore Land Authority (SLA)
              • Keynote Speech: Mr Edwin Tong SC, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and Second Minister for Law
              • OM3D demo video
              • Industry Use Cases
                • Edwin Ng, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development, AviationLearn
                • Prof Evelyn Teo, Associate Professor, NUS - Department of the Built Environment
              • Industry Partners MOU Signing
                • Mr Michael Sayre, General Manager, Kabam Pte Ltd
                • Mr Lai Chang Wen, Chief Executive Officer, Ninja Logistics Pte Ltd
                • Mr Ismail Gafoor, Chief Executive Officer, PropNex Limited
Minister Edwin Tong.png
Mr Edwin Tong SC 
Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, 
and Second Minister for Law
Colin Low --- SLA.png
Mr Colin Low
Chief Executive
Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

Michael - kabam.png
Mr Michael Sayre
General Manager
Kabam Pte Ltd

Kabam Robotics Logo.jpg
Mr Lai Chang Wen 
Chief Executive Officer 
Ninja Logistics Pte Ltd

Ninja Van--logo.png
Mr Ismail Gafoor 
Chief Executive Officer 
Propnex Limited
PropNex Singapore.jpg

Edwin AviationLearn.png
Edwin Ng 
Co-Founder and Director of Business Development 

AviationLearn Logo.jpg
Evelyn NUS.png
Prof Evelyn Teo 
Associate Professor 
NUS - Department of the Built Environment

NUS logo.jpg

12 pm to 1 pm    GeoAI and 3D geo data: Singapore Land Authority

Come and listen to two geospatial specialists from the Singapore Land Authority share their views on 3D data and computer vision

GeoAI – Computer vision and image recognition for geospatial data collection of doorway points of interest 
Stephanie Khoo, Senior Geospatial Specialist, Singapore Land Authority
In an ever-changing world, data needs to be updated regularly to reflect on-the-ground changes. This includes GeoSpatial data. In this session, we talk about how computer vision and image recognition technologies can help us improve the efficiency of collecting geospatial data for doorway points of interest. We also explore the uses and applications of this data in helping us understand our urban environment better. 

3D geodata – Making sense of the world
Vincent Soh, Technical Manager, Singapore Land Authority
3D GeoSpatial Data is a key cornerstone in 3D maps and Digital Twins. From wind flow modelling to solar photovoltaics assessment, there had been many potential applications been explored. This session explores what one could possible look at for using 3D GeoData, and how one could bring their own data and make sense in the 3D world.

Stephanie Khoo-edited.png
Vincent Soh-edited.png
1 pm to 2 pm    Lunch break
2 pm to 3 pm

2 pm to 2.30 pm: Development of Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) in Hong Kong SAR
Yue-chun Chan, Head of Spatial Data Office, Development Bureau, The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
In his presentation, Mr Chan will share the road map of the Common Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative in Hong Hong's smart city development. 
Yue-chun Chan.png

OGC logo.png

2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Mobility Summit Preview
OGC’s Moving Features Standards Working Group, in coordination with other Working Groups and OGC Members, is organizing a Summit in December 2021 to align efforts in OGC around mobility requirements. This Preview session is an opportunity for participants to see what is planned for the Summit, provide ideas for discussion, and lay the groundwork for more detailed investigation of mobility topics in the future.

OGC Facilitator
  • Scott Simmons, Chief Standards Officer, OGC
  • Scott Simmons, Chief Standards Officer, OGC
  • George Percivall, Engineer, Geo-Roundtable
  • Mahmoud Sakr, Professor, Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
  • Kim Kyoung-Sook, Researcher, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)
  • Anita Graser, Scientist, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology (Vienna, Austria)
  • Johannes Lauer, Principal Technical Product Manager, HERE Technologies
  • Dr Pin Kung, Assistant Researcher, SkyEyes GPS Technology Co., Lt
  • Martin Desruisseaux, Engineer,  GeoMatys.com

OGC logo.png

2 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC Met Ocean Domain Working Group
For more than a century, meteorology and oceanography have been freely exchanging interoperable data and services globally. Over the last dozen years, the OGC Meteorology and Oceanography Domain Working Group has been actively working to bridge the gap between their domain and the geospatial communities and their standards to make environmental data and services more widely available.

OGC Facilitators
  • Rollin Phillips, Project Manager, Innovation Program, OGC
  • Marie-Françoise Voidrot, Director Innovation, OGC

  • Chris Little, IT Fellow, Met Office
  • Jeremy Tandy, Principal IT Fellow, Met Office
  • Steve Olson, Office of Science & Technology, National Weather Service
  • Mark Burgoyne, CIO Technical Advisor, Met Office
  • Igor Andruska, Software Developer, IBL Software Engineering
  • Pete Trevelyan, IT Architect, Met Office
  • Mark Gibbs, Head, Environment & Energy, Met Office

OGC logo.png

2 pm to 5.30 pm: OGC New space summit
Join your community, build partnerships, create lasting impacts. The evolution of location technologies is taking place right now as the world expands their view to Space. Technologies and Standards are enabling organisations around the globe to understand the world, unseen opportunities, and the universe. 

This workshop will start with the OGC Domain Working Groups’ technical perspective of how standards can enable innovation in the New Space, spatial, and location communities. Industry leaders will then discuss the community impact on changing business models and domains.

Please note that this event is open to the public but requires additional registration. To register for this event visit, the OGC Event Store, create an account and press “September 2021 Online/Virtual Member Meeting Registration Options”. Then choose “Summits/Workshops” and complete the checkout process. SgGeoFest attendees can use the discount code “2109tc_GeoFest_Attendee” to attend for free.

OGC Facilitator 
  • Athina Trakas

Session 1

Session 2
  • TBD

OGC logo.png

2 pm to 10 pm: OGC Developer Workshop
The goal of the Developer Workshop is to provide developers with exposure to the draft OGC standards, as well as to share productivity advice about implementing the standards. 

Join developers from around the world in testing, workshopping, and developing OGC Draft Standards. This is a hands-on workshop that will involve training, presentations, and coding.

Please note that this event is open to the public but requires additional registration. To register for this event visit the OGC Event Store, create an account and press “September 2021 Online/Virtual Member Meeting Registration Options”. Then choose “Summits/Workshops” and complete the checkout process. SgGeoFest attendees can use the discount code “2109tc_GeoFest_Attendee” to attend for free.

OGC Facilitators
  • Gobe Hobona, OGC
  • Joana Simoes, OGC
3 pm to 4 pm    Knowledge exchange: The UK geospatial strategy

Keiran Millard, Head of Data and Standards, Geospatial Commission (UK)
In June 2020, the Geospatial Commission launched "Unlocking the Power of Location: The UK’s Geospatial Strategy", with a vision that by 2025 the UK will have a coherent national location data framework. The Geospatial Commission aims to unlock the significant economic, social and environmental opportunities offered by location data and boost the UK’s global geospatial expertise. This presentation seeks to introduce:
  • The Geospatial Commission at the centre of the UK’s geospatial ecosystem 
  • The UK’s Geospatial Strategy including a one year-on update 
  • The UK’s geospatial international ambitions to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with the ASEAN region.
Kieran -- cropped.pngUK commission.png
4 pm to 4.30 pm    Towards a sustainable sea with GeoSpace-Sea

Eric Foo, Senior Manager, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
With Phase 1 of GeoSpace-Sea operationalised, the next move is to realise the benefits of platform. In this webinar, the speaker will share an overview and the strategic direction of GeoSpace-Sea, the plan of GeoSpace-Sea Phase 2, which intends to open data access to the public and will demonstrate an end-user prototype application using data from GeoSpace-Sea.

Eric Foo _ MPA.pngMPA -- logo.png
5 pm to 6 pm    Geospatial element in the industrial world in Indonesia

Positioning for Geospatial Start-up in Industries
Dirga Sumantri, Chief Executive Officer, Braga Technologies
The presentation describes the landscape of the role of geospatial in industries, the challenges and opportunities for newcomer companies to face the entry barrier in industries, and where to start the company.

Bringing Spatial Matters to the Board’s Decision-Making
Muhammad Pandito Pratama, Former Head of Corporate Transformation, PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta)
Operating since 2004 and turning into a private limited company in 2014, Transjakarta has abundant data, whether it is spatial or non-spatial. However,  the data scattered in a mess. With guts and little knowledge of GIS, Pandito tried to introduce spatial analysis for decision making. The impact is profound, from rearranging our separator to defending our first corridor due to MRT.
Dirga - edited.pngBraga Technologies.png
Pandito - edited.png