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11 am to 12 pm    Introduction of SAR satellites and the impactful application in Sustainable Development
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Partner co-located track

During this session we will explain how SAR satellites operates and where it can contribute to multiple industries, elevating solutions and becoming essential tools for government and enterprises in achieving sustainability. For experts in the environmental industry, the application of SAR data can be extended to carbon credit estimation, mangrove monitoring, and other tree type detection methods. Join us to learn more about how SAR can help your organisation.
Dwianca edited.pngDwianca Archeilia
 Customer Solutions Engineer
Solution Development Dept. 
Synspective Inc.

12 pm to 1 pm    GeoWomen panel
Geospatial is such a unique field as it’s interdisciplinary and cross-cutting from the get-go, involving many areas of science and technology. It also provides unlimited career opportunities because it literally impacts every domain, and helps us use our knowledge across domains. If you dream big, a career in geospatial could be for you.

Vanessa Ching - edited.png Aditi Foursquare.png Dr Laxmi - edited.png Jennifer - Grab__edited.png Nadine OGC.png Shiori Kumura - edited.png
Vanessa Ching
Industry Development Manager
Aditi Kohli 
Managing Director,
Asia Pacific
Foursquare Asia Pte Ltd
Dr Laxmi N. Goparaju
Scientific Advisor, VENHF, India
Regional Ambassador –ASIA, Women in Geospatial+
Jennifer Choi
Head of Product Partnerships, GEO
Dr Nadine Alameh 
Chief Executive Officer
Open Geospatial Consortium 
Shiori Kimura 
Customer Solutions Engineer
Synspective Inc.
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1 pm to 2 pm    Lunch break

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1.30 pm to 3.30 pm: OGC - Today's innovations, tomorrow's technology, future directions
This joint presentation with OGCs Chief Technology Innovation Officer, Ingo Simonis, Ph.D, and the Director of Product Management, Standards, Gobe Hobona, Ph.D, addresses current research challenges and provides an opportunity for the community to discuss trending topics, new requirements, and the OGC research agenda, while providing exposure to technology trends that are likely to impact OGC standards and the geospatial and location industries.

OGC Facilitators
  • Gobe Hobona, Director of Product Management, Standards, OGC
  • Ingo Simonis, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, OGC

  • Marco Tillmann, Senior Product Management, blackshark.ai
  • Albert Mansour, VP of Business Development, Planit Measuring
  • Ronald Tse, Founder & CEO, Ribose
  • Ricardo Quiroga, Center Coordinator, NASA
  • Ajay K Gupta, CEO, HSR.Health
  • Adel Bolbol Fernández, Geospatial Intelligence Consultant, Esri
  • Micah Callough, Technology Director, Esri
  • Steven Santovasi, Senior Product Manager, Esri

  • Part 1: Introduction by OGC Staff
  • Marco Tillmann (blackshark.ai) - Creating an automated digital twin of the planet
  • Albert Mansour (Planit Measuring) - Creating BIM of the built / existing world, using LiDAR and other reality capture techniques
  • Ron Tse (Ribose) - Modelling of SMART standards with BIM and Geospatial technologies
  • Q&A Panel with Marco Tillmann, Albert Mansour, and Ron Tse

  • Part 2: Introduction by OGC Staff
  • Ricardo Quiroga (NASA) - Multithread assessment and social vulnerability
  • Ajay K. Gupta (HSR.health) - A Use Case: Leveraging BIM and Geospatial Technology to Assess and Improve the Health of Buildings
  • Adel Bolbol Fernández (Esri)  - BIM and GIS integration improving AEC Design Collaboration and Project Delivery
  • Q&A Panel with Ricardo Quiroga, Ajay K. Gupta, and Adel Bolbol Fernández.
3 pm to 4 pm     GeoMarketplace: Meet GeoTechs from around the world
                 Join us at GeoMarketPlace where you can learn about the latest geospatial innovations offered by GeoWorks' GeoTechs.

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 John Yam_Geospock_edited.png
Clinton Libbey.png

Owen cha edited.png

Shoji cropped.png
Satellite imagery
without satellites

Big data and 
geospatial technology
 Assessing nature based
solutions for green finance initiatives
Space services Land displacement monitoring
 Charles Wong

 John Yam
GeoSpock Singapore 
(United Kingdom)
 Clinton Libbey
Managing Director
Kumi Analytics Pte Ltd
Owen Cha
Business Development Executive
Spire Global, Inc.
 Shoji Koike
Head of Global Sales, SaaS
Synspective Inc.

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4 pm to 5.30 pm: OGC Metadata, catalogues, records
Making data Findable is the first FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principle. Standardised metadata ensures data holdings are well-described, but the search and retrieval of data still occur via a number of means, some standardised, some not. This session will focus on existing and emerging Standards and practices to describe, catalogue, and find geospatial data. Particular focus will be on the new OGC APIs.

OGC Facilitator
  • Scott Simmons, Chief Standards Officer, Open Geospatial Consortium
  • Angelos Tzotsos, President, OSGeo
  • Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google
  • Yves Coene, Project Manager, Spacebel s.a.
  • Byron Cochrane, Managing Director, OpenWork
OGC logo.png

4 pm to 5.30 pm: GeoMarketplace 3 – Meet the OGC Startups
Engage with OGC Startups that are Disrupting, Growing, Evolving Location. 

OGC StartUps.jpg
Represented during this session:
AIDASH CTO & Co-Founder, Rahul Saxena - AIDASH (USA)
SimBlocks.io Owner, Jordan Dauble - SimBlocks.io (USA)
Latitudo40 CEO, Gaetano Volpe - Latitudo40 (Italy)
Blackshark Senior Product Manager, Marco Tillmann Blackshark (Austria)
SENSORUP Founder & CEO, Steve Liang - SENSORUP (Canada)
Xtract.ai VP Operations, Justin Granek - Xtract.ai (Canada)
Ribose Founder & CEO, Ron Tse - Ribose (Hong Kong SAR, China)
Mist.eo Co-Founder, Chacko Jacob - Mist.eo (India)

Startups are playing a critical role in the world of geospatial, now more than ever. Learn about the problems the vibrant OGC Startup community are solving, why OGC standards and innovation are important, and what they see as the next challenges for the industry.

The session will be facilitated by Trevor Taylor from the Open Geospatial Consortium.

Rahul Saxena.png
Rahul Saxena 
CTO & Co-Founder

Jordan Dauble.png
Jordan Dauble 

Gaetano Volpe.png
Gaetano Volpe 

Marco Tillmann.png
Marco Tillmann
Senior Product Manager 

Steve Liang.png
Steve Liang 
Founder & CEO

Justin Granek.png
Justin Granek 
VP Operations 

Ron Tse.png
Ron Tse
Founder & CEO
(Hong Kong SAR, China)

Chacko Jacob.png
Chacko Jacob 

4 pm to 5 pm    Trends and prospects of innovation for disaster prevention in regional Japan 

As a natural disaster-prone country, the Japanese government has continuously worked on upgrading its disaster relief and prevention systems. Since March 2015, Sendai City in Japan has been promoting social innovation in disaster relief and prevention-related industry following the “Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030”. In this session, Sendai City will be introducing their activities and support programmes which aim to promote innovation in the disaster management industry. Additionally, Brain Pool Tech, a start-up from Singapore will be sharing their experiences on their disaster-control related pilot projects with the Japan regional governments.

Hidetaka Yanatsu_cropped.pngKai Voges - edited.pngKhoo Kiewai - edited.png
 Trends and prospects of
innovation for disaster prevention 
based on Sendai Framework
 How drone surveys, together with IoT and AI can facilitate fast decision-making in the examples of natural catastrophes and sustainability Introduction to
JETRO supporting services
 Mr Hidetaka Yanatsu
Deputy Director General
Economic Affairs Bureau
City of Sendai
 Dr. Kai Voges
Co-founder and CEO
Brain Pool Tech
 Ms. Khoo Kiewai
Business Dev & PR
JETRO Singapore
5 pm to 6 pm    The Finnish sustainable solutions for built environment

27.png 26.png 24.png 28.png 25.png
Time to invest 
to 15-minute cities
 Geoforum connecting the geospatial ecosystem in Finland  Helsinki City as platform for new innovations
Maptionnaire - Insights that enable 
cities to change
Digital twin for sustainable city planning
Jukka Kettunen  
Founder - Director 
Urban Development 
Cityfier - AINS Group
  Juha Saarentaus  
 Irma Ylikangas 
Senior Business Advisor 
Helsinki Business Hub
 Maarit Kahila
Jarkko Sireeni
CEO and Founder 
xD Visuals Oy
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