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Connected wearable and 
geolocation solutions for our family members.

Products / Services to be Launched with Estimated Date
Lineable Band
Lineable Band aims to prevent all children from being missing, and it's consisted of a mobile application that is installed on parents' smartphones and wearable that children use. Technically, it uses the UWB technology, and also it is connected with Lineable markers. According to our mission, it's made to be the most affordable solution. It will be launched in July 2021. 

Lineable Marker
Lineable Marker is a solution to change traditional survey markers to manage automatically. It also has LTE-M connectivity and battery to last 10 years. As 6-axis sensor is embedded, it can detect urgent situations such as removal or damage. It's the first attempt in the world and will be deployed up to 1 million units in Korea cooperating with LX. It will be launched in July 2021.